Google has changed our world. Ask it virtually any question and you can easily find an answer. Wouldn't it be great if you could ask your data questions and receive answers just as easily as performing a Google search?

That is an apt description of the services we provide. If you have data and you need it analyzed, transformed, or interrogated  in any way, we hope you will keep us in mind. Basically we help our clients ask their data questions and get answers for them with which they can do something useful.

On demand services such as Uber have changed our world. Now whenever you need a ride you have one. Think of us as your on demand resource for these services:

  • ​​​​Data Analysis

  • Data Modeling

  • Data Visualizations

  • Database Architecture

  • Database Design

  • Database Development

  • Decision Support Systems

  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

  • Performance Tuning

  • Process Automation

  • Reporting and Dashboards


  • Web Development

  • Big Data, Small Data

Over the years, we have crafted an effective and efficient methodology for helping our clients first understand and second achieve their purpose and objective. We use the same basic methodology on every project. Below we layout the key elements of our methodology.


We enjoy helping people and we look forward to working with you on your next data intensive project. 

Thanks for reading!


Why does your company exist? What is your company's purpose and objective? Lets start at the beginning with these basic questions. Once we have that groundwork in place, we can analyze your current data model to see how well it supports your purpose and objective.


Your data model is the blueprint for your company's success. It must be driven by your company's strategy. The key to the data model is the people selected to construct it. Choose the wrong people and no amount of genius strategy will matter. You need experience and leadership here. We can give it to you.


With the data model in place, the data process can be constructed. The processes we build are successful because they are a reflection of the data model. Both are consistent through and through. We build data driven processes that understand who needs the information, what information they need, what form they need it in, and when they need it by.


This system interweaves people with the process. The data systems we build are successful because the people understand what they need to do to succeed, how they fit into the value proposition, and what they do that adds value to the process. We build integrations not interfaces. Integrations lower costs, increase quality, and increase information dissemination speed.

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