You provide the transcript. We give you back a set of artistic data visualizations that give visual life to the story you are telling using the data, numbers, and statistics in your story.


So why would anyone want this product?


Well...let’s say you are a creative genius building a Podcast empire. You love your Podcast and want to grow your audience. You know that audience engagement is a must.


Does this sound like you? We can help you achieve your goal of Podcast world domination through deeper audience engagement.


We bring the data aspects of your story to life. You share them with your audience. Its a winning combination. Trust us...we are Business Intelligence Engineers.


Other transcript types are also amenable to this service:
- Podcasts
- Speeches, Talks
- Movies, Plays, Musicals
- Books, Poems

- Scripts
- The Written Word


This price is for ONE transcript and it includes...
- A meticulous review of your transcript
- We design and create 3 artistic data visualizations
- Delivery of the artistic data visualizations via email

- Promotion of your transcript on our social media channels

- Promotion of your transcript on our website


Each creation is a one of a kind work of art that represents the data elements of your transcript. We use a variety of tools and techniques to create your masterpiece. See our blog and search the hashtag #dataviz for examples.


We respect your privacy and will never share any portion of your transcript with anyone until after the date you specify that the transcript will be released to the public. Afer you release your transcript to the public (your Podcast episode drops for example) of course we will share the heck out of it.


We retain all intellectual property rights for the work we create. You are licensed to use our work to promote your transcript however you see fit.


- You supply the transcript in electronic format (we prefer email)
- Acceptable file types are:

  • Text (.txt)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Google Docs
  • Apple Pages (.pages)

- Maximum transcript size: Less than

  • 20,000 Lines
  • 200,000 characters
  • 2 MB

- You certify that the transcript is in fact your intellectual property


Exclusions and limitations may apply. Customization work for larger scale projects is available.


As part of this service, you must indemnify Jaussi Consulting LLC against any legal actions or losses that may result from your use of these artistic data visualization.


Contact Jaussi Consulting LLC for more details.

Artistic Data Visualizations for your Transcript

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  • If you have been described as a "creative genius" by the readers of your transcript, then this Artistic Data Visualization service may be just what you are looking for to increase audience engagement. Bring the data aspects of your story to life!

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