Simple Excel Based Salary vs. Pay Audit Tool

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Lets say that you have two separate data sets...

1) A salary data set

- Contains time periods, employee names, and salary amounts

- Defines who should have been paid what and when

2) A pay data set

- Contains time periods, employee names, and pay amounts

- Defines who was paid what and when

How do you make sure that your employees actually were paid what they should have been paid?

And what if your data set is "messy":

- No unique identifier for each employee

- Employee names may not be unique

- You may not even have last names!

You would also want to be able to identify potential pay issues like:

- Potential duplicate payments made

- Potential payments that have been missed

- Payments that were made but should not have been

This is a simple Excel based tool that you can use to do all of these things. The idea here is (yes of course!) there are other tools that you can do this same thing with...but what if you only had Excel? This is one solution.

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Here is what the Salary Data schema looks like...

Here is what the Pay Data schema looks like...

This tool includes several configurations that allow you to...

1) Choose your Salary and Pay data ranges

2) Land the Pay Data Analysis were you want

3) Land the Salary Audit Results were you want

4) Land the Salary Data Analysis were you want

Here is the VBA code module...

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