Microsoft Access Utility - Compile list, Dup check, Find differences

I created this Microsoft Access Utility so that I can easily...

1) Compile a vertical list of values into a horizontal delimited and qualified list

- This is highly useful when you need a quick and easy way to generate data for an IN statement in SQL

2) Check a data set for duplicates

- A routine task required for many ad-hoc SQL bases data analysis

3) Compare two data sets and find outliers

- Another common task and answers the question these questions

- What is different between these two data sets?

- What do these two data sets have in common?

Comma Serparated Value Fx form

This form can be used to...

- Generate a separated value list from a horizontal set of data

- The user specifies the Text Qualifier and the Text Delimiter of their choice

Step 1: Truncate the temporary table

Step 2: Copy and paste in your data values

Step 3: Choose your Text Qualifier and Text Delimiter values

Step 4: Compile your list

Dup/Nfi Fx Check Form

This form can be used to...

1) Find duplicates in a data set

2) Compare two data sets for outlier values (can be done right to left or left to right)

This is the VBA code module...

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