Microsoft Access Application - Staff Information Database

This is from an early version of a Microsoft Access Application I created recently for one of my clients. They needed help with managing data related to their Staff Members. This is used internally by a department at a university.

Basic entities:

1) Employee - analogous to "Staff Member"

2) Training - analogous to "Training Compliance"

Value added entities:

1) Category - used to create parent list grouping (example = "Allergen")

2) Item - used to create child members of a Category (example = "Cat Hair")

Bridge entities:

- These entities allow the user to associate two entities together in a relationship

1) Employee Allergen

2) Employee File

3) Employee Note

4) Employee Shirt

5) Employee Training

This is the Entity Relationship Diagram...


Below is a brief overview of each form I created for this application

1) f_mm

- "Main Menu" appears when the application is opened

- Used for navigation

- Open Forms, Queries, and Reports form here

2) f_emp

- "Employee Editor"

- Create, read, update, delete (CRUD) operations for Employee records

- Contains a Tab Control for relationship generation

1. Allergen

2. Training

3. Shirt

4. Note

5. File

3) f_train

- "Training Editor"

- Create, read, update, delete (CRUD) operations for Training records

- Contains a subform from which Employee relationships can also be generated

4) f_cat

- "Category Editor"

- CRUD operations for Categories and Items in a Category

- Flexible and rapid generation of 1:N relationships

Here is a simple Query example...

Here is the same Query data but now as a Report...

This is the VBA Module from the Category Editor...

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