Mass File Rename Utility

I created this SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package utility recently for a prospective Upwork client.

This was the basic business need:

- Rename thousands of files

- Change each file name from a SKU to a UPC

- Use an Excel file as the mapping document

This SSIS package makes short work of such requests by leveraging:

- Excel Connection Manager

- Execute SQL Task

- Foreach Loop

- File System Task

Here is the Excel mapping document for SKU and UPC...

File names before - SKU...

Run the Mass File Rename SSIS package...

File names after - UPC...

In order to accomplish this task, I created a simple SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package named "MassFileRename.dtsx". It has a couple basic components which pull data from an Excel file, execute a SQL task, and perform the actual file rename. The other components here are part of the SSIS package management system I engineered based on chapter two of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services: Problem, Design, Solution (an excellent reference manual).

Renaming files in mass is one of the services offered by Jaussi Consulting LLC. Click here for more details.

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